Sara + Michael | Bodega Bay Engagement Photography

I first met Michael at his sister, Karen’s wedding. He was part of the bridal party and what I noticed about him was his great smile. Later, at the wedding, I saw him dancing with the cutest girl, I turned to my second, Michelle, and pointed how cute they were together.

Fast forward and I’m getting an email from Michael and Sara saying, guess what? It’s our turn!

I was so excited, they’re beyond adorable, and I just loved working with Michael’s family.

For their engagement session Sara and Michael wanted to visit their favorite haunt, Bodega Bay. They love to drive up on their days off and spend time together exploring and hiking. They have a favorite taffy store, that plays into their own proposal story, and as many memories as they already have they wish for years more.

They’re married now, but before I share their wedding images I had to take a look back at their engagement!


Guess who’s next?? Michael’s sister!

Roy & Amy Welcome Leo | San Francisco Newborn Photography

First comes love, then comes marraige, then comes…

I so enjoy baby sessions, especially when I’ve shot the couples wedding. I often tell people how being a wedding photographer has taught me more about love then I ever imagined, and now? Baby sessions? Have to admit that I kinda thought the whole pregnancy glow thing was a myth. Not so! As I see my clients again, once brides to be, now mommies, they look so gorgeous! There is something calm and happy to them.

And new mommies? If you don’t feel that way? Don’t worry because either A) you have us all completely fooled, or B) we can see something you can’t.

I suspect it’s B.

Roy and Amy already have two furry babies at home, so Leo is their first ‘non-furry’ baby. Their home must feel so full now with little ones at their feet, and another in their arms. Wait til Leo gets moving and spots those two puppies! Now those are going to be some cute iPhone pics!

In the meantime, here he is, just two weeks old and already breaking hearts (mine mostly, and my Moms who was here that day helping in the office).



Jackie + Steve = Engaged | Fremont Engagement Photographer

I’ll let you in on a secret about me, I love meeting new people. I like listening to them talk, hearing their opinions, watching how they interact with one another. I like feeling like I catch them in a moment of intimacy.

When I met Steve and Jackie, I loved hearing about their wedding plans. How they’d purchased their first home together, but had left the master bedroom empty, decorated but not occupied, waiting until they were officially Mr. and Mrs.

Jackie worked at a portrait studio for years, and so I loved hearing about her love of photography, what images she really liked, and what, well frankly she just DIDN’T like. Yep, I will ask you that!

When we were planning this session Jackie knew she wanted something rural and farm like, but she was a little stumped on activities they could do together for the session. I like to have my couples bring something unique to the table, and I like for it to be their idea, not mine! That way when they look back at their images they have a fun story to reminisce about, rather than thinking, why did we do that again? I know the photographer had a reason but I can’t remember why.

So a bit before their session Jackie called me and asked, could she bring a play bowling set? Steve and her love to go bowling. I loved the idea, I think it’s cute and unique! So while walking around we found a cute little alley with an awesome truck and we set up their bowling set.

Do you know how hard it is to bowl on an uneven gravel road?

Ha, I wouldn’t recommend it to serious bowlers, but for a bit of fun outside in a park? I think you could have a lot of laughs while seeing who could knock down the least amount of pins. ;p

Although we had planned for a while on the bowling, Jackie had her heart set on one other activity, and finally at the last hour her neighbor generously offered to lend her their Tricycle! Have you seen one of these? When I was a small girl my grandmother had a red tricycle. I love the big basket on the back and how unique it was. I don’t think I’ve seen another one since!

I’m glad we got to include this, mostly because of how hard Jackie laughed while Steve peddled through grass in circles with her riding on the back. Who else misses the days when we rode two to a bike?


Jay & Kristen | San Francisco Engagement Photography

This couple, this couple is so sweet and so adoring of one another, they make me think that 20 years from now they will be holding hands and sneaking kisses while their kids yell, “GROSS”.

When we were planning their engagement session I tossed out the idea of a playground that I had used for a family session.

Now, you might think a playground isn’t that great of a place for an engagement session, but I love working in games and light hearted set ups for my clients because through the years I’ve found, that person who makes you laugh and feel like a kid again? That’s who you love. That’s who you grow old with. Yes, romantically you love them and think they’re the hottest thing since that fever you had last summer! But you also want to run errands with them, spend lazy Saturdays together while you read a book and play crossword puzzles. Basically you love your best friend.

Kristen loved the idea of a playground, and I think you can tell, from looking at these photos, that Jay is for sure her best friend.

On this day they played in the sand, pushed each other on the swing set, played superman!! (do you remember this? When you used the swing to fly through the air), chicken, and monkey bars. Jay can apparently pull himself up and do a handstand. I was suitably impressed and also more than slightly jealous.

Of course, when we design your session we want to show that silly playful side of you, but we also play dress up. So from their we were off to change into evening wear and suit and tie. Jay, my friend, you looked so handsome. I love the seriously sexy looks they’re giving one another in these images.

Usually that last look is your evening wear, but since we wanted their last location to be the beach we went for a more casual look this time. And these images? This is where you see the soft sentimental love they have for one another. That side of love is the kind that always reminds you of how much you cherish one another, and the thought of being apart for too long makes you hold them just a little tighter, and a little longer.

Also, they were cracking up in some of these because a group of girls were posing for a swimsuit fashion line nearby, and they may have been screaming through the wind how absolutely cold they were.


It was a fabulous day, and I’m so happy to share it here. Up next? Their wedding!! You can’t wait, right?